Our goal is to inspire you to take full responsibly of your life, your happiness and be fully aware of yourself and the journey you want to be on. We have designed this diary to help you feel more in control of the things you wish to achieve, how to achieve them as well as reflect on your journey and document your highlights throughout the year.

* Create your vision for 2019 & set meaningful goals

* Break down your goals month-by-month as you go and write down real action steps;

* Prioritise your tasks and plan your weekly and daily to-do's to make the most of every day;

* Track your habits and reflect on your progress;

* Keep yourself motivated and inspired with the help of our quotes, suggestions and challenges.

This year we have chosen a floral theme for our planners. Each planner also comes in a beautiful floral print keepsake box.

We want to encourage you to bloom, grow and reach your fullest potential and most beautiful self. Our wish to you this year - take time to nourish, show some love, be kind and patient with yourself. You are beautiful!